Svante headed upstairs.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful sport for girls.

Travis couldn't tell me what I really wanted to know.

Will you teach your children Esperanto?

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We've accomplished a lot of things.

Relax. It's supposed to be fun.

Doctors have made great strides in their fight against cancer.


We should organize a party.


They were sleeping.

The ice is too thin to bear your weight.

Johnathan is an early riser.

I'll try doing that this weekend.

She missed the deadline.

My neighbor is having some work done on his roof starting tomorrow, so he came to let me know about it. "There might be a lot of dust, so I apologize beforehand. Thank you in advance."

What exactly did you tell him?

The window opened.

Her folks cannot help worrying about her wound.

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Rainer is on the bus to the city.

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I want you to follow him.

Malaclypse and Stanislaw are the only ones still alive.

Good always triumphs over evil.

Ron lived on a farm.

That knife came in very handy, didn't it.

If you can't make it, call us as soon as possible.

The police stepped up their efforts to catch the rapist.

Everyone out!

You are truly an antidote for my melancholy.

I haven't had a girlfriend in a long time.

You should stay back.

It's so easy to write good example sentences, that even if we accidentally delete a few good sentences in the process of getting rid of a whole lot of bad ones, I think we could drastically improve the quality of this corpus by doing a lot of deleting.

Hans isn't very courageous, is he?

I went outside and saw Lenny at the gate.

How many galaxies are there in the universe?

That's false advertising.

Naresh used a page of dot points to jog his memory when he made his speech.

The components obtained by distillation of coal tar are as shown below.

You can't seriously want me to sell our house.

I have no face to turn to.

I felt for the poor dog.

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She had nothing else to drink.

In any case, I won't change my mind.

They didn't even know who they were supposed to meet.

He's used to mountain climbing.

Kamel needed rest.

I never have trouble falling asleep.

"You didn't say the magic word." "What magic word?"


Stay put. I'll come and get you.


Don't let him talk to Taninna.

That bank over there would do the service.

It was at school.

In my opinion, meditation is more tranquilizing than any medication.

Have you ever changed your clothes?

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Why doesn't she send me letters anymore?


She should follow the advice of her mother.

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The fortune of the interstitial military groups waxed and waned, for the exigencies of warfare were considerably high.

Vinod is very stubborn.

The ideals he's touting in this election go against everything I hold most dear.

I never go to the sea.

In hindsight, this was a mistake.


Mosquitoes are perhaps one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

Gigi is a fast worker.

I couldn't run from the past.

He behaves like a child.

Shelly's really filled out since the last time I saw her.

I can't believe you've done this to me.

He jumped into the water clothes and all.

I met her when I was thirteen.

I live at 337 August Road.

How do you know that?

Dorothy likes cheese.

Do you know much about Susumu?

Did you bring it?

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Today our artificial satellites are revolving around the earth.

I need a grammar guide.

What was the reason for that?

She looks upon him as a benefactor.

I don't want to disappoint Anatole.

Didn't the pen fall over there?

Why do you want me to have it?


Can anybody help me?

I like being on my own.

I study at the University of Hyogo.


I'd think it'd be fun.

I never set out to be famous.

No, you need not go right now.

Grant's a friend of his.

All right, let's try it again.


Should I come?

Sanand and Mara arrived in Boston at the same time.

Nanda can never seem to make up his mind.


That responsibility is a burden to him.

Will you tell me the way to his house?

Apples are necessary.


Darren was never arrested.

I got a good idea.

That was disconcerting.


You mustn't give in to their demands.

Annard is thick-headed.

Turkeer is warmhearted.


His boosterism makes it sound wonderful but I wonder if he understands how hard it's going to be to actually carry out.

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You'd better do it quickly.

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If you had to choose between piano and violin, which would you prefer ?

Can you do anything to help me?

It's up to you, Janice.

The ocean extends to the distant horizon.

He believed that blacks could win their fight for equal rights without violence.

She's pregnant with twins.

Apparently "the iPhone sounds the death knell for the Internet."

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They built an asylum for the blind.

Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country.

They prayed that their daughters would forgive them.

I wish I could write songs like that.

I asked Alexander to join us.

As of next week I am eating less.

You say that you want to study well, but don't actually work when it comes to doing the homework. Do you think that that's okay?

She's probably ashamed of her apartment.

Tal is an honest boy, so he doesn't lie.

Most companies have their own labor unions.

I managed to get rid of him.


Kelly spent the money his father gave him on beer.


Please give me some paper I can write on.

Why should men get all the good jobs?

I want my whole family to be proud of me.


I don't see anything here that I need.

That went fast.

On the tray are five objects - three of them are keys.


That's good news to me.


Sugar draws ants.

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Drive out your needs through the door, they will come back through the window.

She has more books.

We'll get in touch with him.

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I'm sure she will come.

Plastic would've gone with you if he could've.

How does that sound to you?

You'd better not go.

Do a better job next time.

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Did Shel ask you why you did that?

He's now aboard the ship.

The police detective found a bloody knife.

That sounds like a job for Wendell.

We wanted to wish you good luck.


I'm paid by the day.

Tyler is surprisingly agile.

How can I update this software?

To get his own business off the ground, he linked up with a few more solid companies.

I was completely bewildered by his sudden change of mood.

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It's a pity they're getting divorced.


Raise up your left hand.

He is a very forgetful fellow.

I can't figure out how to transfer MP3 files to my iPod.

They were able to live as they wanted in Massachusetts.

Stuart hit me back.

Malaclypse and I always quarrel.

Don't walk so fast! I can't keep up with you.

Don't be pigs.

I have a hard time believing that.

That boy is his brother.

Anyone over eighteen years of age counts as an adult.

Gentleness and cheerfulness, these come before all morality; they are the perfect duties.

I'm expecting visitors.


How come you don't know your own name?


I'm not conservative.

The issue is in the balance.

I hope that Maria will write soon.